Data, analytics and insights  for building a better world


Bright Impact works with mission-driven organizations and companies to define, measure, and report on their social and environmental impacts

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Research and Synthesis

Interested in exploring a new area or issue? Or perhaps you need to refine an ongoing program. We can help scope and characterize broad topics, identify key actors and initiatives, and synthesize the best available evidence on what works.

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Strategy and Planning

How should you allocate efforts when the challenges are urgent; but time and resources are finite? We employ sound logic and systematic processes to help our clients to identify, prioritize, and carefully plan activities and investments to maximize their impact.  

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Measurement and Reporting

How should you track your progress or explore and share your data? We work with our clients to identify meaningful metrics and methods for measuring their impact, build and strengthen systems for managing their data, and create compelling products for clearly communicating results.

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Evaluation and Learning

Are you making a difference? What do you do well, what could you improve?  We produce evaluations that assess the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of programs and work with our clients to use evaluation findings to reflect, learn and improve their efforts.

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Bringing together science, technology and onground experience 

With extensive scientific knowledge of social and natural systems and applied experience working in diverse cultures, communities and ecosystems, Bright Impact brings together the latest science and cutting-edge tools to provide pragmatic real-world solutions to measuring impact



Dedicated to sharing and learning.

Collaboration, a willingness to experiment and honest reporting of successes and failures are important catalysts for rapid learning. We are passionate about sharing what we learn about measuring impact and ways to influence the effectiveness or sustainability of environmental and social programs. 

We are excited to share publications, tools or data we create and are firm advocates of open science  and open source products.  

We also encourage you to join us and to engage in existing communities of practice that encourage learning and collaboration in the sectors we work.