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A sample of recent projects illustrating my expertise, interests, 

and collaborations


Ghost Fleet Impact Campaign

Compelling stories told through music, art and film can help people connect dots between important global issues. Working with Vulcan Productions, we monitored outcomes from an impact campaign for Ghost Fleet, a harrowing documentary about forced labor on global fishing fleets. In partnership with the client, NGOs and filmmakers, we developed a Theory of Change (TOC) model illustrating how the film could catalyze a shift to more environmentally and responsible global seafood markets through changes in industry, policy and public perception.

Related projects:

I’ve facilitated TOC models and monitoring plans for issues as diverse as Ecosystem-based adaptation, Cell-based Seafood, IUU fishing, Sustainable Coffee, Transport Electrification, Post 9/11 Veteran Employment, and Chess Schools for Girls.

Evidence for Nature and People

Governments and organizations increasingly pursue policies and agendas that affect both people and natural ecosystems. As part of a SNAPP working group, I lead a global synthesis of empirical evidence from > 1000 studies on the effects of nature conservation policies and programs on human well-being. We produced a systematic map of the evidence and developed a data portal for researchers and practitioners to filter, explore and visualize the data to support decision making. In collaboration with DataKind, we developed a machine learning-assisted app, Colandr, to accelerate filtering and synthesis of unstructured data. The results were published in Nature.

Related Projects:

Other evidence syntheses I’ve been involved include: Illegal wildlife trade, Forests and poverty, and Greenhouse gas emissions and food security.


Evaluating Capacity Building efforts for Chinese Policy Reform

Funders want to know if their investments are having desired impact as well as support their grantees to reflect and learn. Commissioned by the Packard Foundation, I conducted an independent evaluation of the Marine Fisheries Partnership – an initiative to connect Chinese decision makers with fisheries experts and managers to support sustainable fisheries practices in China. Insights from evaluation used to revise MFP’s operating model and inform future funding decisions by funder. 

Related Projects:

I’ve evaluated a range of programs and policies including: Federal threatened species policy in Australia, Ecoregional planning by the Nature Conservancy, Terrestrial conservation programs in Samoa, National Protected Areas in Cambodia, Adaptive Management practices by conservation funders and practitioners, and Jurisdictional approaches to reduced deforestation

Metrics for tracking progress and reporting results

Understanding environmental and social outcomes from activities and investments is critical for priority-setting, designing relevant strategies and tracking efforts against strategic priorities and global policy goals. While working at Conservation International, I lead an initiative to monitor and report on performance metrics for field programs in 25+ countries. Information was used to inform strategy by program directors, report on progress to executive leaders, and communicate results to Board, donors, and partners. 

Related Projects:

I’ve built and supported similar internal systems and processes for grant management and reporting for major philanthropies including the Paul G Allen Family Foundation and Oceankind. 



Covid-19 effects on international environmental projects


Informing decisions

with evidence and insights

Bright Impact supports projects and organizations to leverage and use the best available data to make smart decisions at every stage for meaningful impact

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