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data, insights & analytics

I offer a full stack of services to support decision making at all stages of the project management cycle and which can be adapted to needs of new or established initiatives and organizations. 



and synthesis

Building knowledge and understanding around new or unfamiliar areas or issues. Services include:

  • Scoping reviews and landscapes 

  • Needs assessments

  • Systematic mapping and reviews; Evidence Gap Maps

  • Protocol development for maps and reviews

  • Tools and training in systematic evidence syntheses



Collated and mapped scientific evidence on effects of forestry and land use programs on greenhouse gas emissions and food security. (3ie)


and learning

Assessing the effectiveness, impact, and durability of a program, policy or initiative. Supporting teams and organizations to reflect on evaluation findings and their implications for current and future strategies and activities.

  • Design of evaluation functions and practices

  • Integration of equitable evaluation practices

  • Developmental and process evaluations

  • Program and impact evaluations

  • After-action reviews

  • Sense-making



Managed four concurrent independent evaluations for Packard's Conservation & Science Program to ensure adherence to Foundation evaluation principles, integration of Equitable Evaluation practices, and coordination of inputs by program staff and consultant teams (Packard Foundation)



and reporting

Bringing together relevant metrics and data collection methods to create plans, tools, systems and processes for observing meaningful change in social and environmental change.

  • Designing monitoring plans

  • Indicator development and results frameworks

  • Methods for collection of qualitative and quantitative data

  • Data analysis, synthesis and presentation

  • Dashboards, scorecards, infographics and progress reports

  • Data management, systems and tools

  • Grant management systems



Produced dashboards of grantee and project data for annual reporting (World Wildlife Fund-US; Schultz Family Foundation)


and planning

Working with clients to define and frame problems they seek to address, setting measurable goals, and assessing priorities and tradeoffs over time and space

  • Theory of change and results chains

  • Strategic planning

  • Priority-setting and trade-off analysis

  • Systematic and spatial planning

  • Grant and proposal development



Created a prioritization model and interactive data visualization tool to assess and rank solutions to address problems facing oceans globally (Oceankind)


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