Bright Impact brings together knowledge of the latest science and cutting-edge technology with real world application and experience of working as part of and collaborating with major implementing organizations, government agencies, research universities and philanthropies.


nature conservation 

Extensive knowledge and onground experience of key interventions for conserving and managing species and ecosystem services including protected areas, sustainable resource management (forestry, fisheries and agriculture), certification and other market-based incentives, global and national policy affecting biodiversity and natural resources.  Involved in local to global programs and policies applied in terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments. 

Roles have included research collaborations, technical assistance and capacity building with program staff and scientists involved in designing, implementing and managing projects in developing and developed countries as well as executives, donors, and partners involved in setting, investing and communicating strategies. 

Specific interest in evidence-based conservation policy and practice; evaluation and effectiveness of conservation interventions; linkages between nature and people including quantifying benefits to human well-being from conservation; equity and how costs and benefits are distributed between different people and places, and conservation social science.

Past projects: 

  • Documenting evidence on effects of forestry on poverty alleviation

  • Designing M&E plans for USAID Sustainable Landscapes public-private partnerships in Peru and Indonesia

  • Surveying distribution of insectivorous bats in lowland tropical forest fragments in the Philippines

  • Assessing effects of elk grazing on native vegetation in New Mexico, USA


community-based initiatives


technology for good

Collaboration with engineering and product development teams to design and execute technology solutions for mission-driven programs with social or environmental objectives. Includes hardware and software applications which automate processes that are currently manual operations; bringing greater computing power to manage and integrate complex datasets; synthesizing new intelligence to identify and track global threats, or optimizing existing operations with more accurate and timely data.

Roles included providing subject matter expertise on social or environmental systems, defining impact-related goals and potential trade-offs with commercial targets, and scoping customer requirements and values.

Past collaborations

  • Machine-learning assisted online, open source tool for sifting through unstructured data (PDFs) to find and extract data for evidence synthesis (e.g., what works in conservation). Built by a team of volunteer data scientists working with tech-for-good NGO, DataKind. Over 300 active users as of August 2018.

  • Online near real-time atlas for mapping global distribution and health of shallow coral reefs

  • Domain Awareness System for improving operational effectiveness of national parks threatened by illegal poaching activities in 4 countries in Africa